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Big businesses have advertising budgets. Small businesses have networking budgets. That's because the best source of new business is word-of-mouth.

Why word of mouth?

  • Because word-of-mouth is much cheaper than advertising.
  • It's more direct than direct mail.
  • It's a lot friendlier than PR.
  • And, frankly, it's a lot more fun.

But how many of us rise on Monday morning with a strategy for networking already in place? More to the point, how many of us have 'tools' that beaver away, week in and week out, feeding us a steady stream of new customers and clients?

Proven year after year

For over a dozen years now there has been an industrial-strength way to generate word-of-mouth business. We know because we use it every week.

Between us we generate profitable business to the tune of £95,000 per person per year (on average). The secret is we do it by getting together for breakfast every seven days.